1. Blog migrated to Pelican and GitHub pages

    This article is a sort of report about blog migration.

    On wordpress.com

    Initially, I started this blog on wordpress.com. I chose wordpress.com thinking that I only need a small personal blog and I can easily live without any advanced features. I was pretty sure that I will post only technical articles, and do so quite rarely, so I searched for a free solution and wordpress.com was a good fit. And the experience was quite good in general: I did not have to configure anything, just choose a classic theme and go on writing.

    A problem which I noticed rather quickly is that the width of the text in my blog was way too small. The amount of text fitting into one line was small, and it was especially ugly for source code fragments. When I wanted to post a piece of code from somewhere, I had to add split lines into pieces, so that the whole code fits and no scroll bar appears.

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